ON-01 Lift Door Retiring Cam
ON-02 Lift Door Retiring Cam
ON-03 Double Safety Lift Door Locking Device
ON-04 Double Safety Lift Door Locking Device
ON-05 Lift Door Retiring Cam
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Önersan Elevator

Was founded by Civil Engineer Ali Osman ONER in 1975 has been gainin experience and knowlegde since that time.

From the first day day we have been trying to improve our quality by combining our experience with the technical developments of the new era and to apply this compination in the manufacturing process.

Our manufacturing process is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 norms and every step is being monitored by our experts

Customer satisfaction is the number one campany policy for us therefore we are working hard on efter sale demands and support to respond on time.

As ONERSAN ELEVATOR we are proud to serve and satisfy our valued customers for all these years,


We reflected our experiences to our products